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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough

Ready for a link filled post? Here we go! :)

Okay. Y'all really must think that I'm a nerd. But I seriously can't say enough how much I love my school! On Tuesday, in Spanish class, we spent the whole class time (an hour and a half) talking about God, life, and His gifts for us.

Yay for Pinterest! Yay for God!
Mrs. Schuldt was talking to God as she got ready on Tuesday morning, and she felt Him tell her to let Him handle class. So she obeyed and we talked about how the monotony of our day to day lives can overcome us. That if we made time for God everyday our lives would get better, etc. We watched a really cool video of a guy singing in a studio, by himself, with nothing but a mic and a guitar. No affects were used, according to him and my heart agrees. Go to 4:00. :) We also touched on how, in the storms of life, it's easy to start fighting for yourself. But you can't guard your own back. And how we need only be still and just rest.

I got home that day and logged onto Pinterest. I was about to be wowed. Y'know those pictures with the Bible verses on them? Well, about an hour into my surfing, I came across it. Exodus 14:14, "The LORD will fight for you; you need only be still." I had never seen it before in my life, even though I had verses near it highlighted. In the light of that Spanish class, I spazzed out! My brother, who was next to me, probably gave me the strangest look ever. It was so exciting! I love it when God confirms things. Very much.

Also, I decided to watch a video a friend of mine posted a video this morning about a love letter from God. I had roughly fifteen minutes to get ready for school because of it. But it SO started my day off right. I was only five minutes late in getting in the car to go and we got there five minutes early. I see that as something of a reward for giving the first part to God. :)

And then yesterday, Wednesday, I was in my geography class and I expressed sorrow over some unsaved family members. And my teacher stopped down class to pray for the salvation of them, and the salvation of all the unsaved friends and family members of everyone in the room. In the middle of class! That got us talking about this, find the sermon "A Tough Message". Be prepared when you watch it. It is a tough message, but everyone needs to hear it at some point in their lives. And soon enough so that they waste no time.

 It's an amazing school. It has amazing teachers. Mrs. Monck and Mrs. Schuldt, thanks for an amazing couple of days! I am waiting with great anticipation to see what God does next at this school! :)