Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Carry-on Packing List

I've been bitten by the travel bug. It's a pretty bad case of it. So, to sate the appetite, I started looking for packing lists for carry-ons. I was so surprised at how hard it was to find a packing list that didn't include packing for your entire trip! Which is great for the people who need that. Really, I don't even need it. A carry on is a carry on. ANYWAY, maybe there's someone out there like me just wanting good ideas. So without further ado...

Jordan's Carry On Packing List!

*cue applause*

These are my airplane essentials. I've traveled a fair amount for a sixteen year old. So yeah! Here we go.

Don't forget the 3-1-1 rule!

3. Liquids must be in a 3.4 ounce container. No more than that.
1. All the containers with liquids must fit into a single quart sized plastic bag. I'm a fan of Ziploc.
1. Each passenger is allowed only one of these quart sized plastic bags. If you have a seat, you can have a bag.


Grab a waterbottle once you get through security. They don't typically come by with drinks enough, and if you're anything like me, limited access to something makes you want it even more. Buy water once you get through security.


Grab nuts, dried fruit, crackers, jerky, or anything else you like. You'll thank me later.


You need music or movies or non-internet requiring apps. Something in case you get bored of anything else you bring. Don't forget your earbuds! This is especially useful if the in-flight movie as one too many adult scenes for your taste.


For me, this includes a puzzle book, a Sudoku book, and a novel. Pens and pencils (One or two of each.) are also essential. You wouldn't get very far in a Sudoku without a writing utensil. I may even throw a coloring book and some colored pencils or crayons in there too.


They help with motion sickness. I haven't had a bout of it in a while, but better safe than sorry.


Make sure that you're wearing clothing that you can move in.

If I'm heading for Mexico, I wear shorts and a tank top or a light weight summer shirt. If you live in Texas, that's basically any shirt you own. I also wear flip flops or sandals as it's easier to slip them on and off on the plane and when you're going through security.

If I'm off to Canada and my body isn't used to the cooler temperatures, however, I wear jeans, a long or three quarter sleeve shirt and a jacket. And flats. Flats or TOMS are great for slipping on and off. BUT! As you and I both know, those shoes can get stinky. So, make sure the smell isn't nauseating before you go. :)

Other stuff:

Other items you might consider (or need to be) grabbing are:
  • A pillow
  • A blanket
  • Sleepmask
  • Earplugs
  • Sweatshirt
  •  iPad, Kindle, Nook, or Laptop
  • Chargers for your phone and any other electronics as you never know when you'll be stranded at the airport
  • Money
  • Passport
  • License
Is there anything else? What am I forgetting? What would *you* bring on the plane with you?

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi, Jordan! I'm enjoying your blog! I have two things to add to this list. First, depending on how crowded security is, you might not have time to buy water. I bought a water bottle with a filter attached: http://www.target.com/p/brita-blue-filtered-personal-water-bottle-20oz/-/A-13277535 that I carry empty through security, then just fill up at any water fountain. Also works well if where you're going has nasty tasting tap water.

    Second, if you're a compulsive knitter like I am, knitting needles are allowed through US security (possibly not security in Mexico), but sharp scissors or scissors over 4 inches are not. I have a cheap pair of scissors that I take with me that are small enough, but if they get taken, it's not a big deal. I never go anywhere without my knitting!

    And just a word about shoes. I never wear flip flops on a plane because if anything happens and you have to make an emergency exit, flip flops can slip off easily and will not protect you sufficiently from broken glass or debris. Wearing shoes with laces will take you a few more minutes through security, but could be very worth it. Throw your flip flops in your carry on and change once you arrive!