Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Bubba

This is my Bubba.

My bubba is the cutest little boy in the whole. Entire. Earth.
My bubba is the one I love to go to when I'm sad, or mad, or happy.
And he listens.
He loves weather, the sky, space, animals...
He is my science boy.
He can tell you everything there is to know about Skyrim and the newest quarterbacks.
He is turning 12 this Summer.
Speaking of summer, he tans so easily. He already has his freckles back and is darkening up.
He is SO very mature for his age.
And he can make me laugh so hard that I feel a six pack coming on.
He loves to swim when others are out there with him.
Sometimes he's quiet, but he is CRAZY at 4 am. Even crazier than you'd think.
He will make me laugh when I really don't want to.
And he makes me enjoy it.
He is the cutest little boy ever.
And, in my *cough* completely unbiased opinion, he is going to be one of the most handsome fellows alive when he gets older.
He is the apple of my eye.
The cheese to my macaroni.
He slurps his drinks.
He sprints when he wants to get somewhere at home.
He is sweet to our little sisters.
And respectful to our parents.
He has the cutest belly laugh.
I can't imagine a day without him.

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