Monday, May 14, 2012

Canada Writings by Lil' Ole Me

Here's some writing that I did in Canada last September! Ready? GO!

A white cloud of fog dances its way down the mountains. Gazing out to the great Pacific ocean, I watch the waves swell and jump to meet the awaiting rocks. As the fog reaches the rough waves below me, it spreads like a wild fire to somewhere beyond the horizon. Seagulls squawk as the lighthouse rhythmically belts out its one, solemn note. The trees twist and stretch, concealing the coast from the winding roads. I take a deep breath and crisp, fresh air tinged with salt fills my lungs. Peace drapes itself over the beach, refreshing all on the shore like a cool breeze in a sweltering desert.

Weak stomach? This is about a bear's dinner. So don't say I didn't warn you. I thought it was cool! :)

The fluffy black creature bumbled down the hill, dodging foliage and rocks. Splashing into the creek, the bear scanned the water for the right fish. Splash! The massive muzzle entered the water, clenching its prize in its jaws. The bear tore into the salmon, then released it back into the water. It repeated the process a couple of times. However, on the third round, the bear released the bloody salmon into a miniature hollow, stranding it in the rocks. The bear went to find another catch. Meanwhile, the injured fish was gasping for water. It flopped and twisted, trying anything to get even one of its desperate gills into a pool of water. Finally wriggling itself into a puddle in the rocks, the fish lay motionless. The bear returned to the fish, looked at it for a moment, then sat next to it to watch the humans across the creek. Suddenly the salmon leaped into the air, then splashed into the water below. The bear turned just as his breakfast escaped. He stared at the spot where its blood still lingered, the heaved a sigh and climbed back up the hill.

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