Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bucket List Update, Plus Surprises to Come!

Guess what!  I'm one week into summer and I can already cross off some bucket list items! (Some are ongoing, but I've been keeping up with most of those) :)

  1. Watch sunsets. Every one you possibly can! Summer sunsets are too good to miss out on. So don't. Also, take pictures of the extra special ones!
  2. Go for a run at least three times a week. I need to get in shape. I look fine, yes. But health before looks. :)
  3. Put my camera to good use. Get some good pictures like the one I snapped today of my sister! (Isn't she a doll?)
  4. Go one day without saying a word. To anyone. Just. Listen.
  5. Find an open field and dance with it with friends. Be goofballs and have a blast!
  6. Make a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and put them in a pretty vase in my room.
  7. Drive. A lot. I've got to get my license before school starts!
  8. Get organized. Simple enough. ...Right?
  9.  Readreadreadreadreadreadread! Read so much. Get that brain moving and working!
  10. Go somewhere exciting.
  11. Get moved to tears. Absolutely touched. :)
  12. Find a random address in the phone book and send an encouraging note. Maybe do more than one!
  13. See people. I only have two summers left. I refuse to sit around all summer and not see friends.
  14. That being said, spend time with family, too. (The whole running-low-on-summers thing applies here, too.)
  15. Watch a scary movie with friends and stay up all night. Maybe watch a chick flik to make it better. Hah:)
  17. Blog. I've obviously been neglecting my blog. But I promise I won't over the summer.
  18. Get a tan and not burn. Okay, maybe I can't control this one very well, but I'll try! My porcelain skin just can't handle it sometimes. But I'll get tan. ...Or at least what's tan for me...
  19. Take my dog on walks. She's fat and out of shape. She will get in shape with me. (This will fall on days I'm not running.) :)
  20. Laugh until my abs hurt and I kick up my asthma. (It's happened before and will happen again. But it made my list anyway.) Let's see how many times I can do it.
  21. Pull at least one all-nighter.
  22. Spend a night just looking at the stars... maybe sleep outside. With people. People are cool. :)
  23. Spend a day looking at the sky (a blue sky day with the puffy clouds.) Again. With people.
  24. Go to Six Flags.
  25. I will be better about recording my dreams in my dream journal. I've got a lot of vivid, crazy ones. Maybe I'd want to share one someday.
  26. Get my freckles back.
  27. Spend more time outside (so I can get freckles again) :)
  28. Start eating well again.
  29. Start a journal. Do it consistently. Even if it's a calendar journal where I just write a bit in each box.
  30. Learn to crochet or knit. Maybe even sell them. Who knows?
  31. Learn a song or two on an instrument. Vocal chords don't count.
  32. Get a good night's sleep here and there.
  33. Fill out a coloring book or two of Disney princesses or something. My sisters aren't allowed to touch them. Hah:)
  34. Visit the gym. My mom owns a cheer gym that I competed with for ten years. I haven't set foot in the place in a year. I miss the people!
  35. Throw a party for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Just because.
  36. Wear no makeup as much as you can.
  37. Wear dresses!
  38. Learn to weave flowers or whatever the proper term is into a headband or necklace or something.
  39. Bake cookies, cake, or some sort of other random dessert.
  40. Learn to make gazpacho soup, and learn to make it really well. (I. Love. Gazpacho.)
  41. Learn to make food in general. Haha!
  42. Scream at the top of my lungs until my voice gives out. Maybe this will be at Six Flags.
  43. Do 100 crunches a day. At least. Too easy? Keep going. And going. Until you die. Hah:)
  44. Drink lots of water! I haven't been drinking enough lately and it's leaving me not 100%.
  45. Get my wisdom teeth out. I'm not looking forward to this, but it's gotta happen. I'll make it good though. Lots of movies, and ice cream, and pinterest.
  46. See a movie or two at midnight with friends.
  47. Swim until my fingers look like those of an old man.
  48. Learn to do a bunch of different new hairstyles really well.
  49. Be able to do the hiss (take a deep breath in for four seconds and then hiss like a snake for as long as you can) for obscene amounts of time.
  50. See God do something absolutely insane that just about makes my mind implode and is a vision of beauty and His love.
 That's six things crossed off! Plus I'm adding one so I can cross it off.
   51.  See a solar eclipse... at sunset.


I got to see two seconds of a solar eclipse. At sunset. The sun was BRIGHT red with a silhouette sliding across it.

No... I didn't have time to grab sunglasses. It was setting too quickly. But two seconds shouldn't kill me... right? I'm believing that I'll be fine. :)

I spent the day in the sun with some friends on Thursday and I am officially one shade darker. Plus I have freckles again. Booyah!

There are actually some things that will be crossed off over the summer, but you don't get to know what they are yet. :) My lips are sealed. For now.

You are going to get some fun blog posts as a result, I'm sure.

I finished the play I was in! Get Smart. It was a fun show! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to work with such an awesome cast and crew!

Overall, it's been fantastic.



  1. Oh Jor! This so inspired me to do this! I love you so much dear! Maybe we can run together, because I need to as well!